Wednesday, April 11, 2007

thoughts of you

it's so strange,
cause it's so new,
and to others
they may find it rather silly,

but after leaving you,
mere minutes later,
i miss you-- a little,
sometimes even more;

i keep asking myself
what is this?
over and over,
what are these feelings
i can't quite distinguish?

i really don't know
but i know what they
could be, i know what they might be,

yet how can something
be so hard and make one so afraid
just to say?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

hello me

Can I start over
like a child again?
you make me feel as if I could.

at night as you hold me tight,
it's hard for
my mind to register,
"hey I'm not alone."

but I close my eyes tight
and there is no anxiety,
no expectations do I possess,
doubts, I have none,
just peacefulness.

there is no need to be
"pretend me"
outsiders so often see,

the best part is
me isn't just a memory,
she has been found
and it's so refreshing
just to wake up each day
knowing there is someone to care.

making me only wanting to give
and ask for nothing in return.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

what is this?

I didn't need you
for a change to occur
within me,
but did I tell you it helped?

I wasn't looking for anyone,
until you were found.

To touch your skin
I find a peace,
chaos escapes to
uncharted shores

confidence builds
slowly I can open up,
I want to trust,
I want to care.

a mind could heal
loneliness, a friend for years
puts on his hat
and waves goodbye.

This feeling, I'm so not used too
What is it? happiness?
no mater, just continue

to stay up late with me
delay the real world,
for a few hours.

just hold me
touch me, kiss me
surround me with your laughter,
tell me your stories and
let me be me.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I can't concentrate today
looking in the mirror
I see your love bites on my skin
closing my eyes I smell your scent;

subtle reminders of just hours before
when our bodies were intertwined
with passionate laughter
and suffocating kisses.

there's a chance the new will disappear
or maybe not

who knows, but until then as you say
"I can't wait to get butt naked
in the back room with you."

red balloon

as i sat beneath the circus tent
my eyes distant from the clowns, elephants and you.
all attention focussed on a single red balloon which had
just escaped the sticky grasp of a child.

effortlessly it drifted
just missing a teased up-do of high society
in a moment's time
it rose above the crushed popcorn, sawdust and chatter
music, applause and barking dogs on hind legs.

closing my eyes
i saw myself
slowly disappearing
never to see you grind your teeth,
stub out your cigarette
or make that disapproving face.

i'm almost free, i'm almost free

startling cries of a child
reaching for the red balloon.
threw me back beside you
and your mouth stuffed full
of blue cotton candy.

Monday, March 12, 2007

afternoon lust, maybe?

At first sight
I wanted you today
right then, right there
I had no care as to who was there;

When you say "sweetie, maybe, make room for me"
like a school girl
my knees go weak.

your talk of possessions, muscles
may impress others
but I can do without.

It's only animal attraction
which overwhelms me
in your presence
I'm not sick,
but feverish I feel.

I couldn't say
what color shirt
you wore,
nor the design of
tatoo on your arm;

only could I see
were piercing eyes
looking back,
a slight devilish grin
upon your mouth
projecting dangerous
thoughts of how it could be,
and how it will be.

I wonder if
you'll talk dirty
or say "sweetie?"
long wet kisses or
just give me a spanking.

to touch you I need and want
your skin I want to taste
overpower me with the force of your body
place a strong grip upon my arms.

it's the lust
of no strings
the only way to be
quit talking
now let's begin.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

afternoon thoughts

I had a thought the other day
as I was sitting down on the porch
for some reason suddenly
I was back at that flat
Lovestreet playing on the radio
a Marlboro light placed upon my lips

the sun shone so bright
I rubbed my eyes
to see you there
laid back on a chair
sipping on your beer

speaking about your gig
this and that
and that and this.

I never thought about
what you said then

the dull tone of the silver windchimes
you bought me
that summer at the market
for a moment interupted Jim.

On your way to the ice chest
you came over and kissed me
telling me
"love you, babe,"
those silly words
got my attention
for almost three years.

today as I closed my eyes
I could smell the stale beer
and taste on your mouth
I took my hand and slapped my face
"stupid, stupid girl."