Saturday, March 10, 2007

afternoon thoughts

I had a thought the other day
as I was sitting down on the porch
for some reason suddenly
I was back at that flat
Lovestreet playing on the radio
a Marlboro light placed upon my lips

the sun shone so bright
I rubbed my eyes
to see you there
laid back on a chair
sipping on your beer

speaking about your gig
this and that
and that and this.

I never thought about
what you said then

the dull tone of the silver windchimes
you bought me
that summer at the market
for a moment interupted Jim.

On your way to the ice chest
you came over and kissed me
telling me
"love you, babe,"
those silly words
got my attention
for almost three years.

today as I closed my eyes
I could smell the stale beer
and taste on your mouth
I took my hand and slapped my face
"stupid, stupid girl."

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