Monday, March 12, 2007

afternoon lust, maybe?

At first sight
I wanted you today
right then, right there
I had no care as to who was there;

When you say "sweetie, maybe, make room for me"
like a school girl
my knees go weak.

your talk of possessions, muscles
may impress others
but I can do without.

It's only animal attraction
which overwhelms me
in your presence
I'm not sick,
but feverish I feel.

I couldn't say
what color shirt
you wore,
nor the design of
tatoo on your arm;

only could I see
were piercing eyes
looking back,
a slight devilish grin
upon your mouth
projecting dangerous
thoughts of how it could be,
and how it will be.

I wonder if
you'll talk dirty
or say "sweetie?"
long wet kisses or
just give me a spanking.

to touch you I need and want
your skin I want to taste
overpower me with the force of your body
place a strong grip upon my arms.

it's the lust
of no strings
the only way to be
quit talking
now let's begin.

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