Monday, February 19, 2007

A Week of Persistant Men

On Tuesday there's Trent;
young, but old enough
innocent letters, calls and lunch dates.

Not once can he speak direct.
I smile at the sight of his cheeks
turning a delicate shade of pink.

On Thursday there's Brian
Big, boisterous
exuberant, self confidence
I respect.

His art, a carefully spun web of lies
as he paints poetry upon my lips;
He's safe, he's secure.

Easily I could get lost
within his warm embrace,
but, alas we need our space.

Ken visits on Friday
Tight, muscles, perhaps a brain.
His hype I immediately saw through,
unlike others.

He has no qualms about what he wants
His requests voiced with
thunderous applause
and physicality.

he stirs excitement
from deep within,
while a red light cautions.

My requests?
To live the moment.
Commitments? I do not need;
Fun? oh yes.
When do we start?

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