Saturday, December 30, 2006


In public they don't speak,
One man, one woman, casual acquaintances
with stolen glances and eyes which pierce a soul.

At night when it is late she may send him an email

If he is up and his kids are in bed he may reply, it might be
days later, but he'll reply.

She sits in front of the mirror applying makeup. Her face an artist's
palette. With each stroke of the brush she dreams about how his touch
would feel to her cheek, her lips, her throat.

A phone call during the day. If he is alone and she is alone, the
conversation carries, if not its limited- short to the point.

An unexpected meeting at the grocery store.
They talk standing a safe distance apart.

Accidental touches on the hand, shoulder, a subtle glance.

Friends they remain -
Safe distances apart.

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