Friday, December 29, 2006


It lingers against my skin, his scent
his aroma suspends a memory in time
of strong hands to couple a soul;
warm breath, tender lips against a stomach;
the building beats of two hearts,
sweat upon brows,
one velvet tongue;
one stolen bite;
fingers tangled amidst curls of hair,
hips thrust together as one;
wet moist warm skin;
magic within his spine
slowly comes to a rest;
now a memory
in time to return?
should I bathe?
or will the moment disappear of
two lovers entwined
two artist's souls
unlikely paired or possibly not?
want, need, lust and circumstance
could love bloom or more hurt?
I stay in bed, my senses aroused,
the weight of tired eyes collapse
with last thoughts of
piercing eyes and a face full of passion

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