Saturday, December 30, 2006

one smile from you
and I see possibilities
of a life without a dark haze
can we take a chance?
it could be our last
for sunlight, flowers
gentle rain
a life of hope to exist

Another one I wrote three months ago, how time changes a mind;

I live within myself
a mind a best friend
I watch the world from the outside

some days I long for just a lover
to hold me close and safe
but will anyone speak my name?

I have so many gifts to give
a mind of dreams to share,
I cry out to be heard, but only a echo returns
Am I ever to love again?
For I grow tired of
wait, wait, wait
a clock ticks merrily away
around me its life that continues ,
people pass with talk, laughter and cries
while I remain alone and invisible

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