Saturday, January 6, 2007

Carrie's Hollywood Myth

(set in the 30's)

Carrie got out of bed. She grabbed her head in pain. Her legs and back ached. It was so hard to move, but somehow she managed to. With the sound of the loud familiar voice approaching her room down the hall, she knew it was time again. This would be the second one tonight she thought to herself. Carrie walked to the mirror and picked up a brush trying to straighten her hair. Her short blond locks fell around her neck. They weren't very blond anymore. So thin, with deep, dark circles under her eyes, she hardly recognized the girl who was staring back at her in the mirror.

Leaning her face down by the basin she splashed some cold water onto her face. A soiled towel lying on the floor she picked up and dried herself off. She looked on the cluttered vanity for some red lipstick. Lipstick always seemed to make her feel a little better. But she really knew it wouldn't do anything to help her pale gaunt face. Finding it she applied a little to her lips and puckered them at the mirror.

The door with the chipping brown paint flew open; Bertha with her heavy taupe stockings pulled up over her thick legs walked hurriedly into the room.

It had been Bertha who had found Carrie months ago slumped over a park bench late one night. Bertha looked like such a trusting woman that night, big red hair piled into a bun, deep wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, conservative dress, like someone's well kept grandma. Her voice that night warmed her heart. Now for Carrie to hear it only made her skin crawl.

"Carrie, shape up." Bertha's voiced roared. Bertha walked over to the armoire that was missing its handles. She pushed the wire hangers around until she pulled out a white gown and a matching white robe with feathers. She threw them at Carrie.

"Now put this on. This next gent wants a Jean Harlow. You do your best acting. I'm getting paid a bundle!" Bertha reached to the radio and switched it on. Benny Goodman's orchestra filled the room. "There that's better. This place needs a little atmosphere."

Carrie slipped on the gown and reached for the bottle of gin that was on the table beside the bed. She turned the bottle up and took a big drink of it. She loved how it seemed to warm her body.

"You ready girl? Don't drink too much of that you need a clear head to perform."

"Yes, Bertha I'm ready. Tears begin to well up into her eyes, but she took another drink from the bottle and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

"Beautiful girl, beautiful. Now you make my gent happy and I will get you that audition. Remember I know them all in this town. Ok sweetie?" Bertha laughed a big thunderous laugh as she left the room.


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