Saturday, January 6, 2007

A Relationship

He called me. I was excited by his boyish voice full of uncertainty.
I agreed to his simple request, a picnic at the park. It would be our second date.

By the time I zipped up my pink sun dress he was on my front step ringing
the bell. I smoothed my blond hair down and peeked at him through the
front window. He stood with daisies. I cleared my throat and opened
the door. His blue eyes welcomed me.

Hand in hand we strolled through the park. I laughed at his lame
jokes. He poked fun at my cowlick.

I spread out the blanket on the green wavy grass. We sat down and he
opened the picnic basket. The wine and finger sandwiches impressed me.

We fed the ducks our bread crumbs. He laughed as a goose came after
me. I teased him when he sang Morrissey. Our conversation felt
comfortable. He talked of politics, I the theatre. He quoted Carl
Jung, I quoted Dorothy Parker.

When he leaned over and touched his lips to mine, I felt as if my feet
were on air.

It was spring, flowers bloomed, and birds sang.


Venomous words filled the gray sky.

"Jesus, he's your English professor!" He kicked at the pile of books
and men's clothes that lay upon the crisp brown leaves.

"At least I can have a conversation with him, unlike the whore at the
coffee house! What is she 12?"

"I don't want conversation! Just her tits!" He picked up an armful of
clothes off the ground.

He stared at me with hate in his eyes. I stared back. He walked in a
hurried pace packing his SUV. I threw his bowling trophy that landed
with a thud near his feet. He cursed under his breath. I smiled.

I laughed at his clothes, hair, and face. He remarked that I was
putting on weight. He picked up the last of his clothes, threw them in
the back, got in and slammed his car door. As I watched it pull away,
Mozart played in my mind. I wrapped my arms around my body and cried.

The wind had a cold chill to it. Orange and yellow leaves fell from
the trees. It would soon be winter.

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