Friday, January 19, 2007

how to be a pretty girl

Suck your stomach in,
Hold your shoulders straight
No one will ever want you,

You're not the pretty girl.
with the pageant feet and wave

Can you acquire it?
Is it from practicing?
Standing hours in front of the mirror
Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse
Starve,dance, situps

You have to look good in our family
Just look at your brother
He is so beautiful,
everyone wants him
quit crying
You're just jealous of him

Suck in your stomach!
Drop and do 50!
Why can't you quit eating?
You're such an embarrassment
Once on the lips forever on the hips is my motto!
Adkins diet.
Grapefruit diet
Zimmerman’s diet pills
Liquid soy drinks
Cabbage soup
sweet and low

Saccharin dreams
turn to stone
and leave you sad and alone;

should have run a few laps
around the house
then you would have something
to be proud of.

look at me
the boys always wanted me
look at you
they will never want you
eat a rice cake
we will have chocolate;

you're sour,
we have love.
live in a dream world.
We’ll take reality;

It never really mattered
none of it.
it was all a wicked lie
whispered in my ear.

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