Saturday, January 6, 2007

Lost in the Thirties

(c) 2005

Beth awoke. A smile came across her face as she thought about all that she had planned to do today. She stretched her arms above her head. They feel a little stiff, she thought. No matter, her body will feel just fine when she gets to dance class later with Emily.

She lay in bed and thought of her night before with Robert. The night had been perfect, dinner at Billy Wilkerson's Trocadero, and later dancing at Toddy's. She could still feel Robert's body next to hers as he moved her around the dance floor. She smiled to herself. Oh and who could forget that moonlight swim in the ocean, Robert's body so close to hers and the scent of his skin. She smiled again. It was their stolen moment together, before they each had to face reality this morning. Robert was going to finally break it off with that blonde in the Hollywood Hills. He finally has some sense, Beth thought to herself. What had taken him this long dumbfounded her. After all she thought, Beth Michaels is a star. That dumb blond was simply a flash in the pan. Oh how she wished he was in her arms right at this moment. But work comes first.

Beth got up and opened the French doors a little wider to let in the fresh ocean air. She could hear the waves hitting the beach and she smiled as she thought of her Robert. She walked over to her nightstand and picked up the picture of Robert and kissed it. She said to herself, "Now let me see I have a meeting at Paramount today to discuss me doing that film, 'Sands of Time' with Robert. How I hope MGM trades me so I will be able to do it. I need to get dressed now. I don't want to be late."

Beth walked into her closet and looked inside. She said to herself, "These clothes, they simply won't do. They look too matronly." She kept digging into the back of the closet and finally found a lovely pink dress. "This is lovely. I always look so lovely in pastels." She searched the side of the closet and picked up some pink pumps.

Beth walked over to the phono and put on Duke Ellington's, "I'm So In Love With You." She smiled, how she loved that tune. For that was how she felt about Robert. He was all she could think about, Robert with his dark curly hair and haunting eyes. They were beautiful on and off the screen, she said as she slipped into her dress. "MGM simply has to let me do this picture. They just have too."

Beth slipped her pumps on and walked over to her jewelry box and took out a diamond necklace and put it around her neck. "I wonder what is keeping Anthony? He should've rung me by now." Anthony was her long time butler. He had been with her from her first days. Finally there was a knock at the door.

"Anthony?" Beth asked.

"No, Miss Beth it is Michael. Are you ready to go to the memorial service?"

Beth appeared stunned. She walked to the door and opened it.

"Who are you? Where is Anthony? He is supposed to take me to an early meeting at Paramount this morning at 10:00 sharp." Beth asked.

"Miss Beth, you must be confused. Anthony passed over twenty years ago. I have been with you for fifteen. You were supposed to attend the memorial service today for your friend, Robert London. Do you remember Miss Beth?"

"What are you saying? Are you a thief? Get out of my house! Anthony! Anthony! Help, I need help! Someone has broken in!" Beth ran through the doorway to the stairs. On the wall beside the staircase was a huge wall mirror. Beth glanced at it as she grabbed the railing of the staircase. She stopped. In the mirror she saw the reflection of an old woman, much like that of her grandmother. She turned and looked behind her and said, "Mema, what are you doing here?"

But there was no one there except for that burglar. She turned around and looked down at her arm and then into the mirror, at the reflection staring back at her. Beth dropped to the floor and screamed, "Robert!".

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