Monday, January 15, 2007

Moving Day

with joy I took each
football card
out of its protective vinyl sleeve
and watched one by one
fall into the trash bin,

computer cords, monitors and heavy metal magazines
gladly I disposed of,
wrestling videos and pictures;

love notes, cards and passages
written once in earnest by you
a spilling of your heart, you were so good at words;

long since lost their magic
as they lay among the cockroaches, dead rats and mold;

pictures of you came next
holding our first born, holding me
our smiles shinning bright, fingers crossed for good luck,
no need for sentimental issues now,
time to heal and forget.

in the damp dark dungeon of a home you brought us too
we made our final escape
and I have left you at the bottom of the trash heap
among the ruins of our lives.

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